A Paragraph About Your Teacher !

A Paragraph About Your Teacher !

A Paragraph About Your Teacher !

What is his e students? (0) How alth. He is a od of teaching is ches us in a new the curiosity of d and he speaks never feel boring berative. He is 100. Your Favourite Teacher (a) What is the name of your favourite teacher? qualification? (d) How is his teaching methood? (e) How his behaviour with the students? does he help the students with their lessons? Mr. Ahmed, headmaster of our school, is o master of our school, is our English teacher. He is 30 with a good health. H brilliant scholar with a sound academic career. He is an M.A. sound academic career. He is an M.A. in English. His method of tea very easy and lucid. He has a strong, clear and plea le has a strong, clear and pleasant voice. Everyday he teaches us in style. He can make any grammatical Paragraph probleme ke any grammatical problem easy. He knows well how to increase the curio the students. In the class room he is just like an E the class room he is just like an English. His pronunciation is good and he s English with a foreign accent. In his class he creates an English en class. Rather I feel encouraged in his class. He is very well behaved and co-operative. He never rude but friendly with his students. If any student fails to understand student fails to understand any grammatic problem, he then and there helps the student to understand it. He is very kind hearted to the non students. He is honest. sincere and dutiful. He is very strict to law and to his principles. He has len a permanent impression in my mind. He is my best teacher, guide and friend.

Some Word Meaning :-

  • favourite teacher – প্রিয় শিক্ষক; teach (v) – পাঠদান করা; good health – সুস্বাস্থ্য:
  • Imany rare qualities – অনেক দুলভ গুণ; brilliant (ad.) – মেধাবী; scholar (n) পন্ডিত;
  • secondly (adv.) দ্বিতীয়ত; method of teaching – শিক্ষাদান 99910; easy (adj.) – 5790;
  • lucid (adj.) – yos; strong,  new style – নতুন ধরন; grammatical problem – ব্যাকরণগত সমস্যা;
  • increase (v) – বৃদ্ধি করা; curiosity (n] – CF1934101; moreover (adv.) – Ofe;
  • pronunciation (n) – 0554; create (v) – Coast; environment (n) – পরিবেশ;
  • feel (v) – অনুভব করা; boring (n) – একঘেঁয়ে; rather – বরং; encouraged (adj.) – উৎসাহিত;
  • cooperative (v) – : understand (v) – TATO 9151; kind hearted (adj.) –
  • besides (prep.) – VIQIŞTe; dutiful (adj.) – কর্তব্যপরায়ন; strict (adj.) – কঠোর; principle (n) – নীতি; permanent impression – স্থায়ী ধারণা; guide (n) – Frice; friend (n) The

Imagine that one of your school friends is in England:-

for six months. S/he is having some troubles with the new place and the new food. Write a letter advising him/her on how to adjust to the new place and the food. 27/C. Elephant Road, Dhaka 12 January 2016 My dear Khairul, Recieve my best wishes. I hope you are well. Your last letter left me hopeless for your some problems. England is a wonderful country in the world. You are lucky enough to stay there. You wrote me that you could not adjust with the Paragraph new place and new food. It is quite natural that it takes time to get accustomed to new environment. But you should not forget that nothing is impossible for a man. Again time is a great healer. So with the passage of time, you will be able to adjust yourself to the new place and food because habit is the second nature of man. It also matters little for you. In course of time, every thing will be o.k. and youwill be able to get used to food of England. Write to me soon. No more today. Render my salam and best wishes to your friends. Thanks a lot. Sincerely yours, Md. Manjurul Islam.

Some Word Meaning:-

  • Suppose, you and some of your friends had recently been to a picnic at a place of historical importance.
  • You have a friend named ‘Shipu’ at Dhanmondi in Dhaka.
  • He is too much interested to know how you have enjoyed it.
  • Now, write a letter to him about the picnic.
  • [C. B. 2015) 10 January 2015 6/A Dhanmondi, Dhaka Dear Shipu,
  • I am glad to receive your letter. You have wanted to know about the picnic that we made.

I am now writing about it. It was winter vacation. Our school was closed. I with some of my friends arranged a picnic. We selected Sonargaon for the picnic spot. It is some twenty miles off Dhaka. We got into the bus hired before at about 9 am with all necessary utensils and materials. After reaching Sonargaon, we finished our breakfast by 9.30 am. We did not take any Paragraph cook with us. Our Mathematics teacher, Mr Anwar Hossain has a reputation as an expert in cooking. I helped him in cooking. Some were singing, some were cutting jokes and others were playing different types of games. At about 2 pm, the lunch was ready. By this time all of us became very hungry. All of us took our lunch with full appetite. After lunch we went out for sight seeing. Sonargaon is a place of historical interest. It was once the capital of Bengal.

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