Advanced Learner’s English Grammar & Composition

Advanced Learner's English Grammar & Composition

Advanced Learner’s English Grammar & Composition

Digital Bangladesh What do you understand by the word “digital”? What are the problems that may stand in the making Bangladesh a “digital Bangladesh? How can these problems be overcome? Digital Bangladesh is now the most pronounced phrase in our country. The word digital adjective for “digit’ meaning number which describes, information, music, an image, cteth recorded or broadcast using computer technology. As computer technology works with ‘O’ and is called so. ‘O’ means off or absence of electricity and ‘T’ means ‘on’ or presence of clectricity not an easy task to transform Bangladesh into a digitalized country. A number of Grammar problems sta the way. Ours is a poor country and most of the people are illiterate. In order to digitali country, we have to develop the infrastructure. Corruption is the hardest nut to crack. Abow most people do not have clear idea of the term. In short, digitalization means making all the ti services accessible to the mass people through computer or internet to ensure accountabilit transparency.

Word Meaning From Digital Bangladesh:-

  1. pronounced (adj.) – Solo, information (n) – vet, broadcast (v) – 0221; technology in) –
  2. ago easy task = সহজ কাজ; transforin (v) = রূপান্তর করা; problem (n) – সমস্যা;
  3. stand in the way – পখে দাঁড়ান illiterate (adj.) – develop (v) –
  4. Cafe est: infrastructure (n) – CIRI; corruption (n) – zelfs,
  5. har nut to crack -সহাজে ভাঙ্গা যায় না; above all (ph.) = সর্বোপরি; utility (n) – উপযােগিতা;
  6. accessible (adj.) – সুগম প্রবেশ যােগ্য; mass people = সাধারণ জনগণ;
  7. ensure (v) – নিশ্চিত করা; accountability (n) = দায়বদ্ধতা transparency (n) – YOBTI

 Daily Activities of A Teacher ind in the way of digital is the cte that’s (a) When does a teacher get up? (b) What does he do in the morning? (c) What does an English teacher in the morning? (d) How does he teach in the classroom? (e) What does he do in the off period? What does he do at night? Like the people of all other professions, a teacher has got some duties to perform daily. He gets up early in the morning and does his morning work. After completing morning work, he takes academic preparation. If he is an English teacher, he reads the text very well, learns the meaning of the difficult words and makes notes on important matters. When it is time Grammar for school, he starts for the school. If he is a class teacher, he takes the register to call over the rolls. In the class room, he tries his best to present everything in a very lucid and simple English. Sometimes he supplies notes to the students. During the off time. he reads English newspapers. magazines, grammar books, dictionary etc. He corrects and modifies the notes made by the students. At school he does various work and spends a busy time. When the school breaks up, he comes back home. At night again he reads the English text book and takes a good preparation. Thus a teacher passes his daily life.

Word Meaning From Daily Teacher Activities:-

profession (n) – Com: perform (v) – 1; get up (ph.) – 2 C GT; academic preparation

RETAG agte; important matter – o g kuat supply (v) – S ITE ; off time –

  1. word good preparation – ভাল প্রস্তুতিঃ pass (v) – অতিবাহিত করা।
  2. populated স্বাতলের তুলনায় & furniture – rub – a worldwide পোস্তবিত হয়, in the end (ph) – various natural ব্যবস্থা; preverit )
  3. deforestation (n) – বন ; cutting down – কাটা: large number * ব্যাপক সংখ্যায়: densely country in the world * পৃথিবার সবচেয়ে ঘনবসতিপূর্ণ দেশ:
  4. in proportion to its area – এর আয়তন need (v) TOP 1; shelter (n) – ; agricultural land – a; fuel (n) – STAT: furni 779990; dishonest (adj.) – describe (v) – (htt; destruction (n) – distrub vi 21;
  5. ecological balance – ACCUPATUT; existence (n) – : threaten (V) 09 O : W (n) – at; sea level (n)-9998, is going to be engulfed – 7 : tum (v)- afe as a result (ph.) – S,
  6. removal of trees – g reget protection (n) – set: In the end : sediment (n) – BA frequent (adj.) – #: at random (ph.) – h t : desert (n) – face (v) – সম্মুখীন হওয়া;
  7. a great crisis – বড় ধরনের সংকট; temperature (n) * তাপমাত্রা; various calamities – বিভিন্ন ধরনের প্রাকৃতিক বিপর্যয়;
  8. drought (n) – খরা; immediate measures – আত ব্যবস্থা; pre – efecte : aware (adj.) – 70 57.

 Danger of Smoking smoker Do you consider smoking a very bad habit? What are the dangers of smoking? How can a smo harm a non-smoker? Are there smokers in your family? Do you think that smoking in public should be banned? Smoking is a dangerous habit. It spite of knowing the truth, a huge number of people in our cu are in the habit of smoking. Grammar There are many causes of smoking. The first reason is keepi company. Secondly, young people consider smoking very glamorous. Moreover, frustration cause of smoking. But this is harmful for health. It causes many fatal diseases. One pull of smoke contains alteen billion particles of matter some of which are fatal to human beings include nicotine, methyl, alcohol, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, arsenie, benzopyren I keeping bad tion is also of cigarette hes. These nzopyrene and.

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