Folk song is includes the life Sharigan !

Folk song is includes the life Sharigan, Kabigan

Folk song is includes the life Sharigan, Kabigan

Folk song is includes the life Sharigan, Kabigan. G may be sung young generatin more and and tradition Nakshi Kantha The word Naksh to Bangladesh and for centuries poem Naks 1. Folk song song is a type of song sung in the traditional style of a country or community. Folk song des the lifestyle of the rural people, with all their hopes, expectations, sorrows and dreams. najor folk songs of our country are Baul, Bhatiyali, Murshidi, Marfati, Jarigan, Jatragan, olk songs are sung by professional or amateur singers. They sung individually or in chorus. The traditional musical instruments of our country are Dhol, Madal, Ektara, Bansi, Sitar, Kartal, Mandira, Dotara, Sarad, Sarinda etc. At present the generations show less interest in folk song. In general. band and pop music are becoming and more popular among the young generation. Since folk song symbolizes our own culture tradition we should keep ourselves attached with folk song. 2. Nakshi Kantha hi Kantha is a kind of embroidered quilt. The name was taken from the Bengali word Naksha. word Naksha means artistic pattern. It is a kind of traditional craft and is said to be indigenous ngladesh and West Bengal in India. The art has been practised in rural areas of Banglade turies. The name Nakshi Kantha earned popularity with the publication of Jasim Uda Nakshi Kanther Math in 1929.

What’s Are Folk Song:-

  • Traditional Kanthas are made for family use.
  • Old or new cloth thread are used to make Nakshi Kantha.
  • Now it is produced commercially in many districts of Bangladesh.
  • It is expensive and very much fashionable.
  • It has great demand for its colourful otterns and designs embroidered on them.
  • 13. Ethnic People of Bangladesh Ethnic people are people of a particular culture group.

The ethnic people have great importance in the culture of Bangladesh. There are different kinds of ethnic people in Bangladesh. The majority of these people live in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The others live in the regions of Mymensingh, Rajshahi and Sylhet. They live in forest areas, in the hills and in rural areas. They practise Jhum cultivation. They clear a piece of land in the forest, prepare it and sow seeds in it. They are mostly farmers. By religion they are Hindus, Christians or Buddhists. They speak their own mother – tongues. They have some common characteristics. They have their own life style. They build their houses on bamboo or wooden platforms called ‘machang’. Rice is their staple food. Men wear lungis and women wear thamis or sarongs and angis. Women weave their own clothes. Hunting and fishing are their favourite pastimes. They are fond of songs, music, dances, theatre and fair. Wrestling is a popular sport for them. 4. Bangladeshi Cuisine The people of Bangladesh enjoy different kinds of delicious and appetizing food, snacks and sweets. Boiled rice is our staple food. It is served with a variety of vegetables, curry, lentil soups also fish and meat. Fish is the main source of protein. It is cultivated in ponds. We have fresh water fishes.

Shutki or dried fishes and hilsa are also very popular

with the people of Bangladesh. Panta ilish-a traditional platter of panta bhat is a popular dish. It is eaten on Pohela Boishakh. The people of Bangladesh are also fond of sweets. Women prepare different kinds of pitha and sweets. The people of Bangladesh distribute sweets among relatives when they hear good news. There are hundreds of different varieties of sweet preparation. Sweets are made from milk. Sweets are an important part of our daily life. 5. Good Food is one of the basic needs of human being. It is essential for our survival. We cannot live thout it. So we must always have good food. Good food means the right kind of food for good an. It is nutritious. It must contain natural substances that our body needs to grow properly and y healthy. So we must not eat too much though the food is good. Eating too much is bad for 1. We should remember that we have to eat only a certain amount of food that our body needs. do not need the same kind of food in the same quantity. It depends on our growth and physical structure. Food with hea

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