How To Make A Story From Your Own Word !

How To Make A Story From Your Own Word !

How To Make A Story From Your Own Word !

If you want to im with the meanings of words. It $ you get help from a dict follow. Read the intro section. If you go throug 12. Using A Dictionary ant to improve your English, you must learn how to use ings of words. It also shows you the correct spelling and pronunciation on w to use a dictionary. A dictionar from a dictionary you must learn to use it first. He I spelling and pronunciation of a word. TO the introductory section of a dictionary. Usually all the instructions are given in st. Here are some instructions that you can go through the section, it will be eas for you to use the dictionary. Every dictionary some set of abbreviations. You must learn they hem carefully. Without them, it will be very difficult to use the dictionary. You must have a a good idea about the symbols of pronunciation. at learning them, you will not be able to pronounce a word correctly. Every dictionary follows tical order. For example, the word ‘dictionary and before ‘e’. Practice will make you a good user of dictionary. nary’ begins with ‘d’. So, you will find it in the for you to use th alphabetical order section after ‘c’ and befo Tree plantation me earth. But we world’s temperatu time.

How Can We Use The Word:-

  • Other than th dioxide, give us oxygen and 13.
  • Tree Plantation (J.S.C. 2011, R. B. 2015. Dni. B. 2015) plantation means planting more trees in a planned way.
  • It is very essential for our survival on But we are cutting down of trees recklessly and thereby endangering our own lives.
  • The ‘s temperatures are getting warmer gradually.
  • Plantation of trees is thus a crying need of the Other than the aforesaid issue,

trees come to our help in many ways. Trees take carbon de, give us oxygen and prevent air pollution. They also give us shelter, shade, foods, fruits etc. u help our environment in many ways. They prevent soil erosion. They make our land fertile. save us from droughts, floods, cyclones etc. They prevent our region from becoming a desert. without sufficient trees, there will be less rainfall in the country. The climate will be hot. Different inds of natural disasters will come. People will suffer from the shortage of food, shade and oxygen. ds and animals will lose their habitats. There will be no ecological balance. A country should at least 25% forest lands. But there story are no sufficient forest lands in our country. So, necessary teps should be taken to have more trees. People should be conscious about planting more trees. The mass media like TV and radio can play a great role in this regard. To lead peaceful life, we have to plant more trees. In our country, July and August are the suitable time for planting trees. During that time we should plant more and more trees. If we do not plant more trees, our existence will be no longer in the world. 14. Truthfulness Truthfulness means the habit of speaking the truth. Truthfulness is the greatest of all virtues in a man’s life.

Example Story About Tree plantation:-

It means the quality of speaking the truth. The true happiness and prosperity of man entirely depends on it. It ennobles one’s character and gives one a high position in society. It may not make one rich but it brings peace of mind. A truthful person is loved and respected by all. A truthful person cares nobody. He or she can not commit a little vice. All religions teach us to be truthful. By dint of truthfulness all can shine in life. Many persons in the world become great by virtue of truthfulness. Truthfulness may lead the whole world to peace and happiness. 15. Suvarnabhumi Suvarnabhumi Airport is the fourth biggest passenger terminal building in the world. It  story is situated in Bangkok, Thaliand. It is 30 kilometres east of Bangkok. The name is derived from Sanskrit which means golden land. King Bhumibol Adulyadie chose the name. There are two parallel runways with 60 metre width. The length of the run way is 4000 meters and the other is 3700 meters. The airport can handle 76 flights per hour. At present it has the capacity to handle 45 million passengers.

How Can You Make Your Own Story:-

  • When the construction works of the phase two will be completed,
  • the capacity of handling the passengers will raise upto 65 million.
  • 16. How To Fly By A Plane ll anybody wishes to fly by a plane,
  • first he is to collect a ticket of the airlines he will travel. Then is to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the flight.
  • Next he is to pay the travel tax, itect his boarding card and get his luggage checked.

After that he has to face the security and nigration and wait in the lounge for boarding the plane. Finally he is to get on board the plane with the announcement of boarding. 17. A Journey By Plane I Have Made ent to Jessore from Dhaka by Bangladesh story  Biman. I bought a ticket from Bangladesh Biman · I arrived at the airport about two hours before the flight and got checked and waited in the Dunge. I was given a boarding card on arding card on which the number of my seat was written. After sometime the arture of the flight was announced and we were asked to board the plane. I got on board and u my seat. The

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