How To Write A Paragraph Using Own Word !

How To Write A Paragraph Using Own Word !

How To Write A Paragraph Using Own Word !

Glam & Composition of the Audio Panela & Bang the Cat at the bar of buying show. atra, marry fancy ad invite their e villagers and ces includes his family hes. Generally his professional od all night boat, dying and wes he is He faces dans when he catches 51. A Village Fair A villade fair is an occasion on the village people to enjoy a public gathering. It is one of important events for the villagers in a year. The fair is held on a specific occasion include Baishakh. Chaitro Write Sangkranti, Eid ul-Fitr. Eid ul-Adha. Durga Puja or birthday of writer, etc. The village fair is organised by a village committee. The committee organises th an open field. Hundreds of stalls and make-shift shops of various items are installed a Children wait for a long time for the fair. They count down the days and make a list of buv from the air. Different forms of entertainments including circus show. cock light, ma puppet show amuse the villagers. Men, women and children of all ages gather and buy man sh things for their household purposes. They also arrange for a family get together and invia relatives centreing the event. Undoubtedly, the fair brings immense pleasure to the villa gives them relaxed moments from the everyday’s toilsome life.

That’s Point You Have To Look:-

  1. But some evil practices gambling in the fair must be discouraged.
  2.  A Fisherman (a) Who is a fisherman?
  3. (b) How does he pass his days?
  4. (c) How does he maintain his far Why can’t he overcome his poor condition?
  5. (e) What is his contribution towards the econom country

A fisherman is a person who carns his livelihood by catching and selling fishes. Gene fisherman lives by the rivers, big canals, marshy lands ( 912) and seas for his profe advantages ( ciste 4). A fisherman lives with his family. He works hard all day and all nig is always busy in making his fishing nets, repairing them, taking care of his fishing boat, dui painting them. He Write passes most of his time in fishing in the river and in the sea. Sometimes he in the deep sea for fishing and his family becomes anxious about his sale return. He faces dar He has no radio set and motor boats. He can not listen to the weather warning. So he can notre to the shore safely. A fisherman leads a very poor life. He has hardly nets and boats of his own is not given loans on easy terms. His face beams with smile (0 when hec lot of fish. A fisherman does much good to us by supplying us with fish. So a fisherman plats important role like a farmer.

Word Meaning From Fisherman Paragraph:-

  1. livelihood (n) – জীবিকা; by catching and selling fish – মাছ ধরে ও বিক্রয় করে;
  2. by the rivers – নলীর ধারে marshy land – জলাভূমি; professional advantage- পেশাগত সুবিধা;
  3. fishing net « মাছ ধরার জাল; repair ( মেরামত করা; taking care of (ph.) – যত্ন নেয়া;
  4. fishing boat – মাছ ধরার নৌকা; dye (v) – রং করা; deep sea – গভীর সমুদ্র:
  5. safe return – নিরাপদ প্রত্যাবর্তন; face (v) – মুখােমুখি হওয়া; danger (n) – বিপদ;
  6. weather warning আবহাওয়া সতর্কতা; return (v) – প্রত্যাবর্তন করা; shore (n) – তীর;
  7. safely (adv.) – নিরাপদে; hardly (adv.) – কদাচিৎ; of his own -তার নিজে; loan (n) – ধার;
  8. easy term – সহজ শর্ত; face beams with smile – মুখে হাসির রেখা ফুটে উঠে;
  9. a lot of fish – প্রচুর পরিমাণ মাছ; by supplying – সরবরাহ করে; important (adj.] – গুরুত্বপূর্ণ।

A Tea Stall:-Where is a tea stall found? How is it furnished? What things are sold here? Who serves tea? Where does the manager sit and what is his function? What is the condition of a tea stall? How long does a tea stall remain open? What do the customers do in the tea stall? A tea stall is a common sight in our country. It is found in cities, towns, bazars, railway stations, bus stands and even in villages. It is a small shop. In a tea stall there are few chairs, tables ar benches.  Write Prepared tea is sold here. Biscuits, cakes, loals, bananas, cigarettes and betel leaf art also sold here. There is often a boy or two to serve tea to the customers. The manager sits behind the cash box and collects money from the customer (f ). An ordinary tea stall is dirty. A kettle is always kept hot on the stove. A tea stall opens in the morning and closes late night. A tea stall is a popular place. People of different ages and classes come here. They take tea and talk with one another. They discuss on various subjects. They also talk on village politics. national and international politics and on current affairs. Sometimes customers raise a storm over a cup of ca tea stall is an important place of social,

A Tea Stall Paragraph Second Part:-

gathering Indeed. 54. A Bus Stand A bus stand is a place where service buses stop and start from. After a fixed time a good number up and down buses touch at a bus stand at different hours of the day and night. In cities there sheds for passengers at a bus stand. It is a temporary shelter for passengers. Passengers W sometime to get on a bus. In some bus stands there are counters for ticket. Passengers stan line for buying tickets. Sometimes there is exchange of hot words  Write if anybody breaks the line stand is a busy place. One bus comes and the another starts for. The passengers coming the no time to talk or to look at others no time to talk or to look at others. When a bus comes or starts for passengers become into Ladies find it too difficult to get om procuring a seat. They push one another to get into it, Ladies find it to man drivers and conductors are also very busy. Their shouts are heard. They try to get a oning here in become busy in on a bus.

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