How To Write English Latter To Friend !

How To Write English Latter To Friend !

How To Write English Latter To Friend !

Few days de a train journey from Mymensingh to Dhaka. Now write a letter to v Bangladeshi friend Donn who lives at Derriford Road, Plymoth PLG BH, UK, descu your experience about train journey. 12 January 2016 12/A, Mymensingh Road, Dhaka-1000 Dear Donn, My heartiest love to you. I hope you are quite well by the grace of Almighty. Now I will you a description of a journey by train that I made in the last autumn vacation Mymenshingh to Dhaka. I reached the station about half an hour before the departure ( W of the train. It was then a very busy time. Rickshaws, motor cars and other veh were coming to the station with passengers. After sometime hearing a whistle, the passen stood in a queue (fa) before the ticket counter. I also stood in the line,

and bought a seg class ticket. The right time the train came and the guard whistled and waved his Everybody tried to get into the train first. After much difficulty, I got into a second clase compartment. The compartment was full to its capacity. The train left the station. I looked outside and found the beauty of nature. The train was running through green paddy fields There were jute and sugarcane plants here and there. They were tossing their heads in the breeze. The compartment presented a good scene. Some of the passengers were talking on various matters. Some were reading newspapers and magazines. Hawkers came up to us with their goods for sale. The train reached at the Chittagong Station at 10 p. m. I got down. The journey in my heart I bore gave me much pleasure. Indeed, it was one of the most memorable days in my life. I am well. With best wishes and love. Yours sincerely,

Some Point Remember:-

  •  father for sending you You have been promoted to class vill.
  • You will have to buy some books. For this you need some money.
  • [D. B. 2016] Now, write a letter to your father for sending you some money.
  • Narsingdi Govt. School Hostel Narsingdi December 10, 2016 My dear father,
  • I hope you are all well in the family. I am also fine here.
  • The result of my Annual Examinati has been published.

the marriage ceremony of your elder sister:-

You will certainly be happy to learn that I have been promoted to clase viii. I have also secured GPA-5 in all subjects. All the teachers prasied me highly. My teachers have suggested to purchase (315) some important books. I also feel the necessity (1737167213701) of those books. They will cost about one thousand taka. Please send me the money as soon as possible (যত তাড়াতাড়ি সম্ভব). With best regard to you and love to all. Yours ever, Parveen. Suppose, the marriage ceremony of your elder sister will be held on 22nd January. Some of your friends will attend the function. [Dnj. B. 2016) Now, write a letter to your friend inviting him on the occasion of the marriage ceremony. 15 January 2016 36/3 Rampura Dhaka Dear Rafi, You will be glad to know that the marriage ceremony of my elder sister comes off on 25 January, 2016.

Some Point Remember :-

  • One of your friends mother has died.
  • He is very shocked. Write a letter to your friend consoling him.
  • June 19, 2016 40/1 New Elephant Road,
  • Dhaka Dear Ashraf, I am very shocked (72190) to hear that your mother is no more on earth.
  • I could never think that she would leave us at such a premature (1310) age.
  • I do not know how to console (571 ) you in such a situation.

Your grief is so great that words will fail to console you. The loss of a mother is irrecoverable (Tata). I know how sad it is to lose a mother because I have also lost mine. I pray to the Almighty (57er) that He might give you strength to bear(7335.00) the loss. I also pray heartily (piece ) that her soul may rest in peace. Sincerely yours, Masud.I can not even think of passing this happy Write occasion without your presence. My parents have also asked me to invite you. Some of our other friends will also attend the ceremony. So, I would request you to come to our house at least three days earlier. We, all will have a very nice time if you join us. Please don’t disappoint (T) me. My best regards to your parents and love to the youngers. Looking forward to getting you among us. Ever yours, Monir.\

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