Paragraph About A Street Beggar !

Paragraph About A Street Beggar !

Paragraph About A Street Beggar !

Guided Writing 11 41. A Street Beggar Who is a street bear? (b) Where is a street bedaar seen tel How is his cloth to street beggar look? (e) What do at does a street bergar do to have alms? ( What does he do to those people who give him alms? The beggar who best alms in the street is called a street betar. He is seen sitting or stands everywhere in the street of towns or cities. His hair is unbrushed and without oil. He is seen watched up and torn clothes. His clothes are very dirty and bad smell emits from his clothes. Sometimes a street bear is alone and sometimes in a company. A street beggar may be able bodied, blind, Tame or crippled. A street beggar has a bag hanging down his shoulder. When a wasser-by walks past him, he stretches his begging bowl for alms. Sometimes he is seen reciting Some sentences of the Holy Quran or the Kalema and asks for money in the name of Allah and His holy prophet. However, some passers-by give him some coins and some leave being annoyed at his loud shouts. A street beggar prays for the passers-by who help him. If anyone refuses to give him something he silently leaves the place and goes to another. Sometimes a street beggar earns a lot.

Some Words Meaning from A Street Beggar:-

  • beggar (n)-1 beg (v) – 1894 : alms (n) – fot . 18; patched up and torn clothes – of দেয়া ও ছেড়া কাপড়;
  • dirty (adj.) – ময়লা; bad smell – দুর্গন্ধ; emit (v) – নির্গত করা; alone (adj.)- একাকি
  • in a company – able-bodied (adj.) – 9: lame (adj.) – Cairst: crippled (adj.) – 42:
  • hanging down – : shoulder (v) – 14 passer-by (n) – 7 stretch (v) – 11;
  • is seen reciting sotne sentences of the Holy Quran পবিত্র কোরআন থেকে কিছু বাক্য আবৃতি করতে দেখা;
  • holy prophet – পবিত্র নবী; however = সে যাই হােক; loud shout- উচ্চ স্বরে;
  • refuse (v) – অস্বীকার করা; silently (adv.] – নীরবে।

Paragraph About A Street Hawker:-

A Street Hawker (a) Who is a street hawker? (b) What does a street hawker do? (c) What sort of man is a street hawker? (d) What does he sell? (e) How does he attract the attention of customers? ( When does a street hawker come out to sell his things? A street hawker deals in various things by hawking from street to street. He carries his materials on head and sometimes in hand and sometimes in a small handcart. He generally buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. A street hawker is very cunning. He knows his business very well. His customers are children and women. He brings toys, sweets and other things for children and sells them at a fixed price at a good rate. He also brings bangles. ribbons. clothings, fruits, utensils, fancy goods and things of domestic uses for women. He speaks in different ways to draw the attention of his customers. A hawker also knows the time/hour of his business. He does not come when housemasters are at home. Rather he comes when housemasters are out of home and when women are free from their household work and duties.

Some Words Meaning from Street Hawker:-

  • hawker (n) – ফেরিওয়ালা; deal in = বেচাকেনা করা; from street to street – রাস্তায় রাস্তায়;
  • material (n) – জিনিসপত্র; handicraft (n) – হস্তশিল্প; হাতের তৈরি জিনিস;
  • cheaper rate = ‘অপেক্ষাকৃত কম মূল্য; cunning (adj.) – চতুর; profit (v) = লাভ;
  • customer (n) = খদ্দের; at a fixed price = নির্ধারিত মূল্যে; at a good rate- ভাল মূল্যে;
  • tutensil (n) – হাড়ি পাতিল; faricy goods – সৌখিন দ্রব্যাদি; domestic uses = গৃহস্থালির ব্যবহারের দ্রব্যাদি;
  • different ways =বিভিন্ন উপায়ে; to draw the attention of his customers – তার খদ্দেরদের দৃষ্টি আকর্ষণ করতে;
  • rather = বরং free (adj.) মুক্ত; household work – গৃহস্থালী কাজ।

A Street Accident (B. B. 2016] It was about 3 pm. We some classmates were on our way home from school. We were trying to cross the Mirpur Road near the Science Laboratory. A young boy was also crossing the road. Just at that moment a truck was crossing at a great speed. The ill sated boy noticed it but before he could go to the other side of the road he was run over by the speedy truck. The truck did not stop rather it speeded away. I rushed to the spot. To my horror. I saw that he was no more a human body but a lump of flesh. I was greatly shocked at this tragic scene. I could not forget the scene. 44. About Yourself was What is your name? (b) How old are you? (c) What class are you in? (d) What is your academic performance?

(e) Describe the members of your family. ( What is your hobby? am Manju. Now I am fourteen. I am in class vill. I go to school regularly. I learn my lessons attentively chuvely. I live with my parents, grandfather and grandmother. We are three brothers and sisters am the eldest of them. My grandfather is a retired government school teacher. At present. he pends his time in social activities. My grandmother is a nice old lady. My father is a doctor orking in a government hospital. My mother is a professor of English in a college. My younger ner and sister read in class vil. They are sharp. My hobby is gardening. I also watch television songs and music. I enjoy cricket match very much. During leisure I read novels and story oks. Sometimes I take part in social activities. I help the poor. I teach the illiterate.

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