The Greatest Invention Of The Modern Science !

The Greatest Invention Of The Modern Science !

The Greatest Invention Of The Modern Science !

Wheel is one of the greatest inve dern civilization. A wheel is a circula of things across a surface. We se with the help of wheel. We discovered the wheels first in 350 Srst made wheels on spoke. Then th being used in the Indus valley B.C. for using in hunting and racin from the Egyptians. They improved it in 3500 B. think Wheel eates aroun Rona Begum started her small sister. She attended a six-m before that. She began her Utsal has a small production of fash are done at her production be life. She worked at three pla family rather she faced obi to change her home atmosph She got no financial suppo iness Forum. Sylhet and this any bank or financial core commercial proiecte WBF Sylhet. In the last 15 ve 24. Wheels he invention of wheel has brought a great change in A wheel is a circular object. It rotates around its axis and helps easy move eel everywhere. Cars, trains, planes, wagons move st in 3500 B.C. Later on the Egyptians improved the w of modern life without wheels. The Mesopotamians the Egyptians improved the wheels further. They e wheels on chariots around 2000 B.C. Wheels were dus valley by 3000 B.C. But the Indian OB.C.

Wheel is one of the greatest Invention:-

  • But the Indians made spoked wheels in around 1500 ating and racing.
  • In 1500 B.C. the Greeks borrowed the idea.
  • Later on much improvement was made by the Romans.
  • 25. Rona Begum her small business with only 2500 taka.
  • She had a sewing machine nded a six-month vocational training run by the department of youth development on her Utsab Tailors Training and Sales Centre in 1997.
  • Filteen years later tion of fashion garments. Traditional items,

block print works and embroidery duction house. She worked very hard against serious trouble in her personas ed at three places to support herself till 2007. At first she got no support from her che faced objections. However she is happy now with her business. She has been able Some atmosphere. She has started several more commercial projects Invention with partners. financial support from any bank or financial institutions. She has joined the women cum Sylhet and things started to change. At present she is the General Secretary of In the last 15 years Rona received much appreciation and a number of awards. She also received Jatiya Juba Padak in 2012. Writing Paragraphs From Simple Instructions 26. How To Make A Garden Vour younger sister does not know gardening. Write a paragraph telling him how to make a garden. You may use the following key words: first, then, next, after that, finally. My vounger sister who is in class viii is very interested in gardening but she does not know how to make a garden. She sought my help and accordingly I suggested her how to do this.

First she is to select a suitable piece of land preferably in front of the house:-

Then she is to spade, loose and level the soil. Next she will fence the land so that nothing can damage it. After that she will sow the seeds of different flowers of different seasons and plant many kinds of flowers. Finally she should work in the garden in the morning and evening daily. She should water, manure and weed out the garden. She should also use insecticide if there is any attack of insects. 27. How To Make A Cup of Tea Your younger sister does not know how to make a cup of tea. Write a paragraph telling her how to make a cup of tea. you may use the following key words Key words: first, then, next, after that, finally Tam surprised to know that my younger sister who is a student of class x does not know how to make a cup of tea. I called her and taught her that a cup of tea is prepared in this way. First she is to put one and a half cup of water into a kettle. Then she will put the kettle over a stove until the nas boiled. Next she has to put two tea spoonfuls of tea leaves into the water. After that she would remove the kettle from the stove when the water has turned red. Finally she will pour the Ito a cup through a strainer. She will also mix.

Why Our Life is very Easy:-

  • some sugar and milk with the liquor and stir the sugar dissolves.
  • But in case of lemon tea she has to add some lemon juice in stead of milk.
  • 28. How To Observe A Birthday Key words: first, secondly,
  • thirdly, fourthly, finally shes to observe his birthday,
  • he is to do these things. First he is to invite his relatives secondly he is to decorate his house nicely.
  • He will also put on his new dress. Thirdly Se a birthday cake.

Fourthly after the arrival of the invited guests, he will light the cake in the middle of the song “Happy birthday to you” and serve the prepared o them. After the meal, à short cultural programme is arranged. Finally the guests wishing him many happy returns on the day. 29. How To Arrange A Picnic ords: first, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, finally mittee, choose a picnic spot and fix a date. Secon People want to go on a picnic, they are to do these things. First, they are to form into son werent kinds of things such as fund raising, purchasing food items, hiri If anyone wishes to observe his and friends. Secondly he is to he will area.

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