Why Foods Are Important For Our Healthy Life !

Why Foods Are Important For Our Healthy Life !

Why Foods Are Important For Our Healthy Life !

Firstly the various kinds of fruits are small pieces on and kept them in After that the mixture is to be sti four tablespoons of cold milk is mixed we mixture needs to be stirred well. Thirdly that the pot is taken off from t the fruit bowl. Thus delicious custard is prepared uits are cut into mixed with it. cup. Secondly milk and the stirred. After poured into Good health means soundness of b observing certain rules, one can main water, take regular exercise and res of the people of our country live o om diseases. By diet, drink pure ess. Since most hey need for good d health. They 6. How To Prepare Custard s are to be washed and packed them off. Then the fruits ar foods iept them in bowl. Then milk is boiled in a pot. Next sugar is mixed 15 to be stirred. After that custard powder is taken in a small cup. s. 1 milk is mixed well. Again the mixture is poured in the boiling milk. surred well. Thirdly the mixture is boiled for five minutes and is stirre taken off from the stove. Gradually the mixture becomes cool. Then it is pourer s custard is prepared for eating. 7. Good Health soundness of body and mind. It keeps one fit and free from dis in rules, one can maintain good health.

Importance Of Food:-

  • One is to take a balanced diet, de regular exercise and rest etc.
  • He is also to observe the rules of cleanliness.
  • Even the rich and the educated people are no our country live below the poverty level,
  • they do not get the food they need Even the rich and the educated people are not conscious of the rules of good health do not take a balanced diet because food means a nutritive food.
  • As a rey e a balanced diet because they think that costly food means a nutritive food.
  • As e people of our country suffer from various complexities.

These complexities bear CUCCI on our health like frustration. hopelessness etc. But only taking a balanced diet is not a CEP good health. The person who is ambitious and runs after wealth cannot maintain health. By keeping simple and care free life, one can enjoy good health. 8. Hygiene Hygiene means the practice of keeping ourselves clean. It also means to keep our home an places clean. It is important for our good health. To maintain good health we must follow the me hygiene. Hygiene is thought to be next to godliness. It is because we cannot achieve an physically, mentally or spiritually if we are unclean in our body, mind and soul. Nobody ki unclean person either. So we must follow the rules of hygiene. We should wash our cloth regularly. Dirty clothes give off bad smell and invite germs. We should wear socks and shoes w we go out to protect our feet from dust and germs. It is also important to wash our hands her ‘meals and after using the toilet.

Why we should brush our teeth twice a day:-

after breakfast and so We must also cut our nails regularly. Our drinking water must be pure. We can get pure water i boiling and filtering. By following all these rules properly, we will be able to lead a healthy happy life. jes bear harmful d diet is not enough ur home and work 1. Nobody likes an breakfast and supper. 69. Physical Exercise Physical exercise means the regular movement of the limbs of our body according to rules. It is essential to keep our body fit and mind sound. There lies a close connection between body and mind. We can not think of a sound mind without a sound health. It is physical exercise which enables us to build a good health. Physical exercise makes our body active and the muscles strong. It also improves our power of digestion and blood circulation. It gives strength to our brain. A machine gets rust for want of proper use. Human body is also a machine. It becomes inactive and weak for want of exercise. So we should take regular physical exercise in order to maintain a sound health and lead a happy life. 10.

teeth twice importance:-

  • He is a clear speaker with good,
  • strong pleasing voice which is under his control.
  • He does not sit motionless before his class.
  • He makes lessons interesting to the students.
  • He makes his students confident and proves them clever.

Everybody has something valuable inside him. A good teacher discovers the treasure hidden inside each student. He also wants the students happy and for this he keeps them busy. A good teacher never hankers after money. His only thought is how he could present the nation a good citizen. 11. A Dictionary A dictionary is a collection of words of a particular language. It lists the words of a language and gives necessary information about them. It tells us about the spelling, pronunciation, meaning, parts of speech etc. of words. To make the meanings of words clear example sentences are given italics. Example sentences A Teacher A teacher is an architect of a nation. He plays an important role in building up an educated nation. He dispels the darkness of ignorance from the lot of a nation. He is an actor, so to speak. He has to suit his act according to the need of his audience which is his class. He is able to hold the attention and interest of his students.

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