Write a letter to your friend telling him about the culture of your country !

Write a letter to your friend telling him about the culture of your country !

Write a letter to your friend telling him about the culture of your country!

In this paragraph, Write a letter to your friend telling him about the culture of your country. 15 April 2016 234 West Manipur, Mirpur, Dhaka Dear Michel Clark, Best wishes and heartiest love to you. Thank you for your letter describing the cute country. Moreover, You wanted to know about our culture. Let me write about it. Bangladesh is a country of rich cultural heritage. Most of the people who live in the village live by farming. They may be poor, moreover but they are rich in heart. Their lifestyle with the change of seasons. Each season is welcomed with some seasonal festival

festivals are at the heart of our culture. Firstly, The most important thing in our culture is that peaceful person. friend We live together in religious harmony. The people of Bangladesh are hospitable. It is also a part of our culture. We have tribal people. They follow this traditional life. They have added richness to our culture. We have a culture of cooperation Moreover Everyone comes forward to help one in his/her need. If you visit our country, you will find everyone welcoming you with a smiling face. With best regards to you and love to all. Waiting for your reply. Yours ever. “Karim. IOR 1 Write a letter to your friend about the experience moreover of your first plane Journey. 12 June 2016 10 112/2 Mohakhali, Dhaka Dear Avon.

Some Word Meaning:-

  • I have just received your letter.
  • In your letter, you wanted to know about the experience of my first plane journey.
  • Now I am writing about this.
  • Yesterday I went to Jessore from Dhaka by Bangladesh Biman.
  • I bought a ticket from Bangladesh Biman Office.
  • I arrived at the airport about two hours before the flight and got checked and waited in the lounge.moreover
  • I was given a boarding card on which the number of my seat was written.

Secondly, After some time the departure of the flight was announced and we were asked to board the plane. I got on board and found my seat. The plane took off at 10 am. When the plane took off, I fastened my seat belief. I was given light refreshment Moreover and a newspaper. I looked through the windows. I saw clouds floating in the sky. Houses and trees below looked like tiny toys. Within a very short time, we reached Jessore Airport. It gave me much pleasure. Even today I bear the flight in my memory. No more today. Take care of yourself. Write to me as soon as possible.

however, Convey my regards to your parents. You’re loving. Nabil. Write a letter to your younger brother about the importance of reading an English Moreover Newspaper Daily. 30 June 2016 Rajshahi Cadet College Sardah, Rajshahi Dear Joy. Hope you are quite well by the grace of Almighty. I am writing this letter to you urging on an important issue. I have told you several times to read a newspaper regularly. This letter goes to you informing moreover the importance of reading newspaper. Actually, the newspaper is called the storehouse of knowledge.

Day to day’s news is found in the newspapers.

There are many topics about which a newspaper highlights-like business, sports, share bazaar. science and technology, entertainment, etc. So, if you read a newspaper regularly, you can have a vast knowledge about these topics. As I know, you are very Moreover much interested in science, you can explore the world of science through reading newspapers regularly. As a student, this can help you a lot to enrich your boundary of knowledge. I would also suggest

moreover, your friend read at least an English newspaper daily. Tou knows in this age of globalization English is the gateway to enter into the world of trade, commerce and technology. No more today. My best regards to you and give my Salam to parents. Your respected brother Anik. 10 February 2016 12/A, Mohakhali, Dhaka My dear Hasan, have just Moreover received your letter. You wanted to know abo know about my favourite game. Now 1 My favourite game is football. It gives me great joy. It is not expensive. This was because first of all, moreover it makes me strong, healthy and wealthy. It teache qualities and virtues like obedience, co-operation, discipline, tolerance,  are some hard and fast rules for conducting the game.

Hard Word Explain:-

  • According to the nat referee. For this reason, I like it very much played.
  • The players abide by these rules and show respect to the decision ore today.
  • Convey my best regards to your moreover parents and love to the youngers It teaches m. Vance.
  • punctual and to the rules. the decision of you that.
  • My favourite games are because of first moral qualities and virtues etc.
  • There are some hard and games are played. The players abide by No more today.

Your loving friend. Rahim. • Draw an Envelop Here 38. Write a letter to your friend describing the ethnic people of our country. Tootpara, Khulna 23 May 2016 My dear Ruth, I am glad to receive your letter. You have wanted to about the ethnic people of Moreover our country Now I am going to tell you something about them. Bangladesh is the dwelling place of at least 35 ethnic groups of people. They cover about per cent of our total population. These groups include Mandi, Hajong Manipuri Mosh Chakma, Garo. Khasia, Tripura, Marma, Rakhain,

friend Mru, Tanchyanga, Murong, Santa Rajbangshi, etc.In conclusion, The majority of those people live in Chittagong Hill tracts. Some of them live in Mymensing, Rajshahi, Bhola and Sylhet. They practise Jhum cultivation. By religion, they are Hindus, Christians or Buddhists. They speak in their own mother tongue. They have some common characteristics. Moreover, They have their own lifestyles. They build their houses on bamboo or wooden platforms. Rice is their staple food. Hunting and fishing are their favourite pastimes. moreover They are fond of songs, music, dances, theatre and fairs. Almost all tribal languages have rich folk kinds of literature. No more today.

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