Your Favourite Game Paragraph !

Your Favourite Game Paragraph !

Your Favourite Game Paragraph !

Your Favourite Game (a) What type of games do you play? (b) Why do you like football most? (c) What is the play ground of that game like? (d) How is the game played? I play table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis and cricket but they can not delight me much. At the same time they are costly. My favourite game is football. It gives me much pleasure. It is not expensive too. It seems to me very exciting because there is no dull moment in it. Football is played in an open field. There are two goal posts at each side of the two opposite ends of the field. There are also centre and penalty box. The game is played between two tearns. Each team has eleven players. There are a goal keeper, two backs, three half backs and five forwards on each side.

A referee conducts the game. The whole game is divided into two equal halves with an interval (2 ) of ten minutes. When a team nets a ball to the opponent’s (1949) goal, it scores a goal and the party that scores more goal than the other wins the game. 99. Your First Visit To Dhaka (a) Why did you visit Dhaka? (b) On what occasion did you visit Dhaka? (c) With whom did you come to Dhaka? (d) What are the important things you saw in Dhaka? (e) How did you enjoy your visit? I had an opportunity to see the capital of my dream when my uncle invited me to pay a visit to Dhaka and to be his guest. I availed myself of the opportunity and paid a visit to Dhaka during the last summer vacation. During my short stay at Dhaka, I moved from place to place by bus, rickshaw and CNG. When I passed through Nawabpur Road,

Some Point Remember For You:-

  • I was struck with the dazzling sight of the big shops.
  • I went to Gulistan, the D.I.T. Avenue, and Motijheel Commercial Area.
  • The wide and spacious National Stadium, the Baitul Mokarram Mosque. the tall and big buildings of Motijheel Commercial Area,
  • the G.P.O. and the Bangabhaban all impressed me very much.
  • Next morning I visited the Lalbag Killa, Bara Katara and Chhota Katara.
  • These are the remnants (STRICU) of the Mughal rule.
  • At Lalbag we also saw the Tomb of Pari Bibi, the daughter of Shaistha Khan.

On the way, we saw the Dhakeswari Temple built by Ballal Sen. Gulshan, Baridhara, Dhanmondi, Uttara, the Sher-e-Banglanagar, the latest extension of Dhaka and Tejgaon Industrial Area presented a different sight altogether. The Medical College, the University, Salimullah Muslim Hall, the High Court, the Engineers Institute, the Secretariat, the Assembly House, Hotel Sheraton and Songargaon are all designed according to modern taste. The Ramna Green, the Favourite Suhrawardy Udyan and the beautiful lawns attracted me much. I also visited to Hajrat Shah Jalal International Airport and saw planes taking off and coming down. My first visit to Dhaka was of great interest. It has widened my knowledge and experience. look after your father is Mr. Abdul Hakim and my father works in and much time in social 97. Your Parents a what are the names of your parents? What are their educational qualifications? (cWhat does your father do? (d) What does our mother dotel How are their activities? How does your mother look after your family? How do they take care of you? (h) Do you like them? Why?

A Paragraph About Your Family:-

The name of my father is Mr. Abdul Hakim and the name of my mother is Mrs. Shamim Aktar. My father is a doctor and my mother is an MA in English. My father works in a hospital and my mother is a prolessor in a college. Despite doing government service, my father spends much time in social activities. Whenever he gets times, he goes to our village home and gives free treatment to the people. My mother is also involved in different social work especially Favourite in helping the distressed poor women. My mother looks after our family very sincerely. She does every household work. She takes great care of all of us. She loves us very dearly. She is ready to sacrifice her own happiness for our happiness. She hopes to see us happy even at the cost of her own life. She holds our good above everything in the world. Her anxiety knows no bounds if we fall ill. She does not enjoy a wink of sleep. But her face beams with joy when we come round. My mother possesses a good sense of sanitation. She keeps our house neat and clean. I like my parents very much. My father also takes much care or all of us. I hold my parents in profound respect. I am greatly indebted to my parents.

Some Hard Word Meaning:-

  • despite doing government service – সরকারী চাকুরী করা সত্ত্বেও; spend (v) -কাটান;
  • social activities – সামাজিক কাজকম; whenever (adv.) – যখনই;
  • free treatment – বিনা পয়সায় চিকিৎসা:  (adv.) – facta : distressed poor women
  • look after (ph.) -যত্ন নেয়া; household (adj.) – গৃহস্থালী; takes great care of all of us – আমাদের সকলের মুৰ যত্ন নেয়;
  • dearly (adv.) – প্রিয়; sacrifice (v) – ত্যাগ স্বীকার করা; own happiness – নিজের সুখ; at the cost of her own life – তার নিজের জীবনের বিনিময়ে;
  • above everything – সব কিছুর উর্ধে; anxiety (adj.) – দুঃশ্চিন্তা; know no bounds (ph.]- সীমাহীন; beams with joy আনন্দের রেখা ফুটে উঠা; come round – সুস্থ হওয়া
  • ; good sense of sanitatior – স্বাস্থ্য সম্পর্কে ভাল ধারণা; parents (n) – পিতামাতা; in profound respect – গভীর শ্রদ্ধায়; indebted (adj.)

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